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[S3E11] Mac Fallout Jack

Zahra doesn't like any of the dresses, and asks Wilt for his opinion. He says they stink! (The Critic fans take note!), and Zahra agrees and prepares to leave early. Since the trio don't have the diamond yet, Wilt pretends to be a fashion designer, and Leanna and Riley are his models. They go through the usual bunch of Mission: Impossible hijinks: a bodyguard walks in at the wrong time while Riley is downloading the information, and she cold cocks him with a champagne bottle. And Zahra comes in and the information downloads just in time, and Riley pretends to find the necklace on the floor after they earlier switched it for a different necklace to go with Wilt's dress. During all of this, Leanna agrees to move in with Wilt. I see a homicide in the future, or maybe that's just wishful thinking. Back at the Mac and Jack ranch, they wake up in what they soon realize is a U.S. underground fallout shelter. Someone has left them a bowl of sago worms, and M&J realize it's all tied in with their very first case seven years ago. They were in Jakarta working with two CIA agents, Griggs (Seamus Dever) and Hadley (Jimmy Gonzales). At least, I assume Griggs is Griggs. Maybe it's Trigon from Titans slumming as a CIA agent, since the guy on Titans looks just like the character here because they're both played by Seamus Dever. But maybe they're foreshadowing a Titans + MacGyver crossover. Or maybe that's just wishful thinking.

[S3E11] Mac Fallout Jack

Turns out, escaping from the fallout shelter was just the beginning. Now they have to survive the aftermath, dehydration and the desert.Continuation from where episode 3x11 Mac + Fallout + Jack left off 041b061a72


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