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Where To Buy Keurig Refillable K Cup [WORK]

These refillable cups work exactly like their commercial counterparts as well as a traditional brewed coffee maker. That is, you fill the cup with ground coffee as you might a filter in a regular drip coffee machine.

where to buy keurig refillable k cup


Please note that only Keurig refillable K-cups are recommended. Why, because the k-cup by keriug twists togeter no gasket involved. When you use the other non keurig brands they have a little gasket that trusts me blow out. And you have to re purchase another one. So really how much value are they really? Just a thought. Be careful about which one you buy..

Loading and reloading refillable pods can also be more cost-effective than continuously buying new pods outright. The more coffee you drink, the more you stand to save with this super-sustainable option.

Last up, the sketchiest reusable K Cups of all are those that come from unbranded and unknown producers overseas. If you want to keep potentially harmful chemicals out of your coffee, stick exclusively with pods (refillable or otherwise) from top-rated manufacturers you can trust.

Neat - I have a couple of commercially made products that allow me to use my own ground coffee in my keurig - I like being able to use my own Starbucks coffee. One thing to note about using things this way though is that it will void your warranty if your machine breaks - so I started using them after my warranty was up.

I saw this fix on Youtube awhile back...wrap a rubber band around the reusable cup filter, just under the lip - below where it opens and closes. It makes a great seal and works! The rubber band can stay on the cup all the time, you just operate like usual (fill the container with coffee, brew, clean) and forget the rubber band is there. I've had it on for a year and it still is holding up just fine. I've also tried a 1/2 inch washer that goes on the top of the reusable coffee container. Both solutions will work just fine on their own, but I kept losing the washer or forgetting to put it on when I brewed. The rubber band worked better only because I didn't have to keep track of a loose part (the washer).

I'm looking into getting one of the "My K-Cup" filters but I could see the design flaw. There is filter material on the side of the filter, where the water could simply flow over the coffee, and go right down the sides. Larger coffee makers don't have this sort of problem because the filter is so large, and the water is deposited directly in the middle of the grounds. Solution: Block off the sides of the filter. There might be problems like the water won't flow fast enough and will overflow, but thats a risk you take. There are also a few alternatives to the My K-Cup you might want to look into.

I had a problem using refillable K-cups. I have several refill cups so I can have more than one cup of coffee before I need to clean the refill cups. Sometimes the Keurig would spray water and coffee all over and only partially fill the cup. After reading about the washers on the needle inspected my Keurig and the refill cups. One of the refill cups lost the gasket on top that kept the coffee from spilling over. I threw away the broken refill cup and my problem is solved.

Good coffee, when they come my wife and i just take in the smell waiting for the morning to come. I also left another review where I made a mistake in my comments, Brian from Parachute contacted me to clarify and to follow up on my concern. Nice to see a company that cares about their customers experience!

Bought a slim when 1st came out. Didnt work right,sent it back. Keurig sent new one, lights do not work right. Called, said would replace, never happened. Would not return calls or emails. Never buy keurig again.

Read where paper reduces potentially harmful oils, that might increase blood pressure. Also read coffee tastes better without paper (Keurig supposedly has a paper filter in their single use pods, will have to look).

If you have a Keurig 2.0, released since summer 2014, you've noticed that your old K-cups and refillable pods won't work in it. That's not an accident: Keurig deliberately designed its 2.0 machines to only work with pods equipped with the hot-drinks equivalent of digital rights management (DRM) restrictions.

That's how Keurig 2.0 machines work: instead of using any pod or K-cup, including those inexpensive refillable ones that work with any brand of coffee, tea or cocoa you like, Keurig 2.0 machines only work with officially branded Keurig pods, which means Keurig doesn't just make money from the sale of its Keurig 2.0 brewing machines, but also collects a licensing fee every single time that machine is used.

But that still doesn't solve the problem of getting your older K-cups, or non-branded refillable pods, to work in a Keurig 2.0. Luckily, doing that turns out to be even easier than printing with infrared ink.

The first reason you may consider switching to reusable K cups is for the sake of the environment. K cups are currently very difficult to recycle and consequently the majority of them end up in landfills, where they take 150-500 years to break down. You may have heard the statistic bandied about that in 2013 alone Green Mountain produced 8.5 billion K cups, which is enough to circle the earth 10.5 times. This backlash against coffee pods has been brewing for a while, leading Keurig to announce that all of their K cups will be 100% recyclable by the end of 2020 so watch this space!

The best way to dispose of coffee grounds is to put them in a compost bin. This will help them break down and return nutrients to the soil. You can also put them in the trash, but they may end up in a landfill where they will take centuries to decompose.

To reduce the volume of single use plastics, the Copy Center has made some changes in the packaging of copy jobs sent through inter-campus mail. Most jobs will arrive in reusable boxes or bags. Please help us on our mission to reduce plastic pollution by placing the reusable containers in the outgoing mail for return to the Copy Center, where it will be used to deliver future copy jobs. 041b061a72


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