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George Ivanov
George Ivanov

EXCLUSIVE Download Discount Labels Tags New Offer Tags Best Seller Badges Zip

So, what are Shopify product tags? Basically, Shopify allows you to add tags (which you can think of simply as labels) to your products, customers, orders, and even blog posts. Tags help you to sort, filter, organize, and arrange information in your Shopify account in a way that makes the most sense to you (and your customers).

Download discount labels tags new offer tags best seller badges zip

You can save time and resources by creating reusable product tags beforehand. Reusing product tags may also let you reuse other product badges, promotional assets, discounts, and collections throughout your shop.

VUSION is the leading Retail IoT Cloud solution and the N1 choice for electronic price tags. A leading edge platform where we offer an incredible foundation to help retailers achieve their digital transformation. 041b061a72


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