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Mass Effect Andromeda 1.08 Patch Download: The Ultimate Review

I was not alone in this sentiment, and thankfully Bioware listened. The newest patch 1.08 for Mass Effect: Andromeda adds multiple new features like expanded character creator options, and also a brand new male romance option for Scott Ryder: the gravely voiced, heart on his sleeve, angara teammate, Jaal Ama Darav.

Mass Effect Andromeda 1.08 Patch Download

(As of patch 1.08, changing complexion is now a feature of the game, and mods are no longer required) This takes the face textures, normal maps, etc. from female preset 1, and puts them on female preset 5.

Jaal is a unique case in Mass Effect history, as he was originally just a romance option for a female Ryder. However, after a lot of well-deserved criticism thrown their way, BioWare released patch 1.08 that made Jaal bisexual, all so that it fits with his character.


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