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Trucker Real Wheels Simulator Mod APK: Customize Your Trucks and Explore Different Routes

Trucker Real Wheels is a 2D heavy truck driving simulator game. Here you will drive large trucks including cargo trucks, transport trucks. This game builds with a unique game story compared to similar category games. Experience a dynamic as well as realistic gameplay of driving in relatively difficult conditions with heavy vehicles. Test your driving skills in challenging road situations, use differential locks and low gears, overcome tough mountain roads and snow.

trucker real wheels simulator mod apk

Trucker Real Wheels is a high-quality and well-designed trucker simulator, where the participant will have to drive different trucks. During the game, he will need to perform various tasks. There are no hard restrictions, users are given relative freedom of action and ample opportunities. The project has exciting gameplay, very peculiar physics, colorful 2D graphics with a side view, original soundtrack and simple controls.

The user will become a real trucker and master the skills of driving in different conditions. In the game, he will carry loads day and night, learn how to drive a car on a wet and icy track, with a strong crosswind. The simulator has quite realistic physics. On difficult areas, you need to block differentials, downshift, and resort to various technical tricks. The player will learn the peculiarities of transportation of boxes with fragile objects, lumber, rolled metal and even oversized special equipment. You can download the game Trucker Real Wheels for Android using the active link below.

Description : Trucker Real Wheels Simulator - a well executed and very well designed 2D simulator in which the players become drivers of different truck models. The main character wants to return to the previous level of his hometown, which has many financial problems, which is why he quickly dies. And for that, the character creates a transport company. Successful transport, construction of warehouses, company development, jobs and much more will give new impulses to the growth of the village. A variety of options and options for further actions, malicious physics and other aspects make this game a real gift for fans of the genre. Features :

Take on the role of Trucker, transport various cargoes, earn money and restore the city.Test your skills in difficult road situations, use differential locks and low gears, overcome difficult mountain roads and snow.Open new plants, use powerful trucks to transport goods, overcome difficult weather conditions, make your way on trucks on the road.Feel like a trucker, transport goods using large trailers, you can transport Wood, iron ore, cars, trucks, tractors.A realistic truck physics simulator, you can adjust the suspension height, shock absorber stiffness, change tires to achieve the best off-road grip.Excellent 2D graphics, detailed trucks and cars, Working headlights for night trips, customization of trucks and cars is also available to you, you can change the colors, wheels and tires of cars.More than 30 different plants, restore all plants and enterprises, more than 30 different types of cargo, starting with simple boards, ending with Trucks and cars.If you want to become a trucker, our roads will help you, in the game more than 50 roads, 6 types of terrain, Forest, Fields, Mountains and hills, Desert and Winter.Also in the game there are time races, take your truck or car, take part in races, get into the leaders and all players will know your name.A dynamic change of weather conditions, a change of day and night, rain, snow, make your way through all the difficulties to the top on the road on your cars.During the ride, you can turn on the differential lock, use lower gears, use the boost button, monitor the temperature of the engine, otherwise you will have to pay for repairs, refuel the car so as not to be left on the road without fuel.

Truckers 2D Truck Simulator is a colorful exciting driving simulator in which you will act as a trucker and will be able to experience all the difficulties of this profession. Get behind the wheel of a powerful truck, deliver cargo safe and sound and unlock new locations to access missions. Buy your first car and get to work. Deliver cargo on time, regardless of difficult weather conditions and off-road conditions. Earn money to buy new vehicles to transport timber, coal, ore and agricultural machinery. Upgrade trucks and restore factories to deliver more and more diverse cargo. You have access to an extensive fleet of vehicles, several dozen types of roads and colorful locations, among which there are mountains, forests, deserts and fields.

- Download Trucker Real Wheels - Simulator mod for android phone apk: Click the download button on the Android device that corresponds to your phone's operating system at the top of this page! Here EN.VNMOD.NET commit to bring the file download link trucker-real-wheels-simulator-mod-hack.apk & full other version, the most accurate from the publisher Feofun Limited.

- Download Trucker Real Wheels - Simulator mod for iphone ios phone: Click the download button to your iphone then follow the instructions to download the file trucker-real-wheels-simulator-mod-hack.ipa for IPhone IOS phone. Install without jailbreak.


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