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[S1E3] Get It Together

Only, those words of encouragement come from the locker room where Marcus and Ginny happen to be together. Well, Ginny presents herself to her Mother and the two talk about Hunter and fitting in with friends. This cuts us back in time again where it seems like Georgia actually knows Joe.

[S1E3] Get It Together

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In the riding ring, Felice is unable to get Rousseau to jump the hurdles. The instructor says that it is enough for Rousseau today. Felice, frustrated, asks why Rousseau won't cooperate. The instructor replies that Rousseau is anxious. Sara leads Rousseau back to the stables. Walking together, Felice inquires if Sara's parents will show up on Parent's Day. Sara replies that her mom is, but not her father because she has no contact with him and he is a bad person. Felice then says that her father only wants her to get good grades and that her mother believes she can jump the 1.20 bar, which she actually can't.

Waiting to leave the Putnams, Offred tells Serena Joy she fears Janine is losing touch. Serena Joy says that can happen with "the weaker girls." "What you do, what we do together is so terrible. It's terribly hard, and we must remain strong," she says, showing at least an iota of awareness that this whole system is very much not normal. "Which is why I feel so blessed to have you."

The mystery of Don's past deepens when he is caught off guard by a man on the train who recognizes him from their days in the Korean War and refers to him as "Dick Whitman." Don acknowledges the man and makes non-committal plans about getting together, while avoiding giving him any true information about his current identity as Don Draper.

Don films the party with a handheld camera, and notices in all of the suburban flirtations, gossiping, back-biting, and one-upmanship, one couple sharing a genuinely tender and loving moment, which appears to distress him. Betty sees Don and Helen standing together, and quickly rushes out to ask him to pick up Sally's birthday cake. However, after getting the cake, he drives by his house without stopping. Betty is humiliated in front of all of the neighbors, while the children are disappointed. He finally returns late that night, the party long over, accompanied by a dog. Don gives Sally the dog as a gift. This recalls what Rachel told him on the roof about how a dog can be everything to a little girl. However, Betty's reaction is ambivalent.

We are [here] today with Selly Raby Kane, who is a designer based in Senegal, West Africa, but who has been working everywhere in the world with the most famous artists in the world: Beyonce; she works also for industries like IKEA. So it's great. But why, Selly Raby, I just wanted to ask: we are talking about creative industry to bring a very thing together, the urban culture in Africa, Africa is becoming more and more an urban continent, fastest urbanization rate, I wanted to bring youth, I wanted to bring modernity, and I wanted to give a sense to all of you of what is really happening in the cities in Africa, not only to get an impression that things are stuck in Africa, and people are doing things the way they used to be done decades ago, to get a sense of the modernity that we have currently on the continent.

SRK: I think the collective part where creatives get together and create a business model that works for our contingencies here. That's where interesting things are happening. I knew that from around 2010s, I was in an art collective named Petit Pierre. Before that, I was in a group of people that worked on my project very hard. And I have been in several series of collective adventures. Right now I am looking for the collective adventure that will really be a space of dignity for artists that don't have the platform or that don't have the connections or they don't have any exposure, but have raw talents. And I really want to make sure that we get together and see how people that have assets, or people that are further in the line, can bring to the table something that the others that are not at that same point can benefit from it. And it can go: from how do you show your product, [to] what is the language that you use to show it and to make sure that people that want to buy it can feel that they're in conversation with you? How frequently do you have to sell, what is your pricing. Very basic things. But we have many artists and designers that struggle with that. For me, that will be the next step for me, to make sure that we create an ecosystem that is very, I don't know, it might even be inspired by biology of how the body works. But make sure the assets that we have as individuals are as equally distributed within the group and to study as well: why those collective stories end the way they end? How we can make sure that the organizations, when they are created for artists, can live years and years after the founding members, etc.?

MD: The more you dig into it, the more you see there are so many links to virtual reality, you talk about mobile payment, we talk about a futurist views, all these things are very much linked. And people of this generation, your generation, who can together think about it and provide us with solutions. So I can commit that IFC is engaging with you guys. And it will be done through colleagues of your generation, because I feel the dialogue would be easier.

Dutton's also got Evelyn on the mind as he waits in his bedroom for Governor Perry to join him. Again, the show's not exactly steeped in subtlety when it shows Dutton and the governor in bed together. Governor Perry is again suggesting Jamie pursue a career in politics, telling him there's no other Republican running right now (did I miss for what position?).

Back at the ranch, we have a short but nicely written little sequence in which Jimmy is closing up the barn for the night when he notices Dutton sitting in one of the stalls. Dutton asks if Jimmy remembers his grandmother, and Jimmy responds in the negative, saying his grandmothe died before he was born and that the loss of her was enough to destroy his family. But he compliments Dutton on his ability to keep his together after the death of Evelyn. Dutton says that it did kill his family, it's just taking a long time to die. If Jamie and Beth's relationship is any indicator, he might be right.

At the end of episode two, Audrey (Emily Alyn Lind) and Max slept together. However, earlier that day, Max and Audrey's boyfriend kissed Aki (Evan Mock), and let's be honest, he liked it. A lot. Things have inevitably been weird between Aki and Audrey ever since and both of them try and confide in their friends instead of telling each other the truth.

We get another Zobie kiss and I just really want them to be together forever but I don't trust this show to give them the happy ending they deserve, especially considering the cliffhanger ending of this episode.

Frank turns out to be an absolutely lovely guy, managing to break down Bill's emotional walls (with a little help from Linda Ronstadt). The pair fall in love -- the transformation in Offerman's performance is stunning -- and build a life together despite their differing personalities.

They even befriend Tess and Joel over the years, having the smugglers over for a meal and agreeing to work together. Tess and Frank immediately hit it off, while the more severe Joel and Bill find a mutual respect.

The previous episode of Dark Winds, ended by revealing the perpetrators behind the big bank heist in the premiere. As we reach the midway point of the season, the series begins to bring the different narrative threads together in the bigger picture.

The next day, all the ladies meet back at the studio with Eric and record the new song together. They all love their verses, authentically rapping about their present lives and agreed to change their group name to Queens instead of Nasty Bitches, as a joyous rebirth of their group.

Well, I was in my twenties and at the time, I think, when I first heard Hazel and Alice on the first Folkways album that they did together. That was a pivotal album because it was a rare female led ,essentially bluegrass album at the time.

The poetry is cut short though when the train security arrives. When Loki winds up thrown out of the train, Sylvie has to follow since he has the time pad. Only, upon inspection on landing outside the train, it is damaged beyond repair. After a bit of despair, they come up with another idea: hijack the Ark ship and get off the moon together.

What happens when you get together three fan favorites from "Survivor" and one of the most accomplished survivalists "Naked And Afraid" has ever seen for a game of wits and deception? Well, as the latest episode of "Snake In The Grass" showed, you get plenty of edge-of-your-seat challenges, bold accusations, and a jaw-dropping reveal.

The next challenge goes much better for the team. They have to build a raft out of materials on the beach, bring the raft to two buoys and retrieve a key from each one, and then use it to unlock a box with the Snake clue inside. They manage to win and get the final clue: "While being a friend is indeed a fact, in order to survive they had to stab a back. When you put it together there's an indicator, the Snake once tangled with an alligator."

Outside the school, Lee Su-hyeok watches several zombies jump out of the science room window after Lee Cheong-san. Su-hyeok jumps across to join Cheong-san on the fire hose, narrowly avoiding a zombie jumping from an upper floor, and the two climb down to the broadcast room together.

Lee Na-yeon tries to get the students to close the window before the two of them can get back in, and after she argues with Han Gyeong-su, the students tell teacher Park Sun-hwa that Na-yeon hates Gyeong-su because his family is poor and on welfare. Sun-hwa tells the students that they can't fight in a situation like this, and that they should instead band together to survive until help comes. Cheong-san says no one is coming, and Nam On-jo realises that the virus began with Kim Hyeon-ju. 041b061a72


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