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Jessica Cruz

Casper 8 Startup Disc (Boot CD) Download Pc ##VERIFIED##

I have been searching for weeks looking at example startup files and what not and cant seem to get it to work on my own network. Im using a FreeNAS Server called "Supermicro NAS MD1000". Its a Small sized network server that costs $159 USD and allows for 25gbs of storage and has 6 usb ports for easy installation and sync of peripherals. I have gotten other external hard drives to work just fine. I have to have a network attached via Cat5 (if im using a Crossover cable i have to have the cable connected to each side of the Cat5 and do not cut the green wire when connecting). I have flashed the unit with freebsd, fedora and openSUSE and can still push 20 images or so. My problem is that when i connect the HardDrive that needs to be flashed, the drive goes to BUSY and nothing else happens and doesnt even connect via lsusb. I am able to get on the router via pppoe and have the unit connected to the router via cat5. Everything works fine as far as allowing networked access and connecting peripherals. My router is a Netgear WNDR3400v4. I have built a custom firmware based on OpenFirmware called "FreeNAS-PXE-MD1000". I have also gone through the files on the firmware page and wrote a script to get things working "". I have swapped my hard drive from my running system to the one that im flashing and try to boot with the hard drive flash drive but that doesnt work either. Ive looked at the command line options for the boot command and what not and also tried different modifivations. I cant seem to get any of this to work. Does anyone know anything about Netbooting in FreeNAS or know any tricks or alternative methods to Netbooting. I would very much appreciate any help!

Casper 8 Startup Disc (Boot CD) download pc


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