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Whilst you can easily save an Excel file to several formats including PDF by using the standard "Save As" dialog, surprisingly, .jpg is not in the list. Luckily, there exist a handful of different ways to convert Excel to JPEG, both desktop and online, and in a moment you will learn the most useful ones.

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Tip. The Print Screen feature captures everything on the screen, including the ribbon, top menu, scrollbar and sheet tabs. If you want to export only the data, use the Crop function to cut off extra parts before saving an image.Convert .xls to .jpg (.xlsx to .jpg) with Snipping ToolIt is another amazingly simple way to get an image of your Excel sheet that very few people know about. Snipping Tool is specially designed to take a snapshot of the screen and is included with all modern versions of Windows, from Windows 7 to Windows 10.

Tip. To make some edits to the captured image, use the Pen, Highlighter and Eraser tools shown in the screenshot below.Save Excel data as image (.jpg, .png or .gif)Whatever simple and straightforward the previous methods are, they have one significant limitation - they can only capture the part of a worksheet that is visible on the screen. In some situations, zooming out might help, but not when it comes to capturing a really big table that contains tens or thousands of rows. To get around this limitation, use the good old copy/paste technique, which allows copying any part of an Excel sheet including beyond the scroll areas, and then pasting the copied contents to wherever you want. 041b061a72


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