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Buy Leather Flowers

Tool number one is (believe me or not) our hands. A lot of shaping can be done with just hands. In fact, some flowers are made without any special tools. Different ways of folding, twisting, stretching and rolling leather give a wide range of special effects that allow us to create beautiful leather flowers.

buy leather flowers

Tool number two is a floral iron with interchangeable tips used for shaping fabric flowers. This tool can be used to almost the same extent with leather but bear in mind that leather can not withstand high temperatures. It can burn and shrink if the flower iron is too hot for it, so I recommend to always check the temperature of your iron on an off-cut before touching a petal or a leaf. I wrote about my set of tools in this post here, so if you have not seen it you might want to read it now.

The third tool I would like to mention is a pair of tweezers like these ones in the picture. Tweezers are heated in the body of the flower iron and used for curling petals for roses, poppies and other flowers.Leather petals might be quite stiff to the touch but the shape you are giving them will make them look light, airy, breathable and ever so live! I highly recommend to get yourselves a pair of tweezers like those. Humble as they look the role they play is very important and the results will impress you.

The work on the new leather tutorial is in full swing at the moment. Tomorrow I will reveal what flower can be created with the help of the tutorial, but if you are good at guessing here as a couple of photos for your inquisitive minds:

Detailed step-by-step tutorial on the seasonal Poinsettia flowers is suitable for beginners as well as improvers. Colour, size, finish is up to you when you are creating this stunning bloom from scratch.

Detailed step-by-step leather tutorial for leather makers who wish to learn the secrets behind the stylised NO TOOL leather grape brooch.Perfect for beginners, fun for everyone!Immediately accessible after purchase

Detailed step-by-step fabric flower tutorial for flower artists who wish to master the delicate and charming Lily of the Valley flowers from scratch without any special lily of the valley tool.

This Leather Package from one of our previous yearly Subscriptions is available as a special offer. You receive instant access to 6 leather flower tutorials listed in the description immediately after payment.

Like any other artist in my work I constantly look for more opprotunities and new ideas. I also seek to improve my teaching and widen the range of ways I share my knowledge with you. One of the most recent opportinities I have started is PATREON, where I am working to establish a CREATIVE CLUB of FLORA FANS. Do you love flowers... Read More

We offer comprehensive range of elegantly designed leather flowers for interior decorations. All our decorative leather flowers have perfect finish and are widely used in home decor items, garments, fashion accessories etc. We offer handmade leather flowers in various sizes, shapes, designs, color combinations, patterns etc to meet buyer's requirement. Available at the highly competitive prices, these handmade decorative leather flowers can be customized as per the specifications of the clients.

The hybrid cultivars produce spectacular flowers of white, violet, yellow, purple, blue, pink, red, and even bicolored blooms. The hybrids with big flowers can have blooms reaching 4-10 inches in width and produce 100 or more flowers each season.

The climbing varieties can grow on walls, fences, trellises, and other structures, even on shrubs and trees, while some are trained to provide ground cover due to their adaptability and outstanding flowers, these plants are some of the most popular plants grown in gardens. Specialist cultivators frequently display plants from their collections in flower shows like the famous Chelsea Flower Show.

Regularly and gently wipe down with a damp cloth. Do not immerse in water to wash. Collar/lead not suitable for beach wear or swimming. Repeat water saturation & drying will cause the natural leather to go brittle & begin to crack.

This vine blooms late spring into summer with delightful rich pink urn-shaped flowers have thick, tightly recurving petals - the type you drew when you were inventing fanciful fairy flowers as a 10-year-old. But these are marvelously real! Leave the spent flowers and enjoy the fanciful seed heads. Native to the Eastern United States.

Welcome to Casey Curtis Designs where high-class fashion meets the styling of the old west with leather accessories for: hats, horses and women. Based out of Montana each design is made one piece at a time by Casey, the leather artist. Casey handcrafts each of the items using premium quality leathers, and turquoise.

Think of what colors will look best on your hat. What size of feather are you after? A bold statement, or small and sweet?Any extras? Add flowers to any of the bands. Found the perfect feather but the color is off? Casey can hand paint the feather so it is perfect. Everything sold out? Shoot Casey a message to see available feathers that have not made it to the home page yet

First, browse my collection and Casey Curtis Designs products so we get an idea of your style. Gather any inspiration images. Pictures of your wedding style, color palettes, and images that will help communicate what you want so we can make sure the leather creation is perfect.

Create your Couture Bridal Wishlist.What are we designing, what size, what color, what custom details (brand, date, hand written note) any elements you would want to incorporate (sentimental jewelry, leathers, etc.).

Casey Curtis trunk shows are held at boutiques, hat shops, events and even homes. Trunk shows are your chance to try all the latest collections first and meet the designs in person, find your perfect feather and live happily ever after. At these events Casey will style, fit and craft you the perfect combination of feathers, fringe and flowers for your hat, purse or horse. 041b061a72


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