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Dragon Ball Legends Farming Bot: How to Install and Use It on Your Device

Automated farming is the closest thing you will be able to make / find or download to an unlimited crystal / gems hack for Dragon Ball Legends. Automated farming bots and macros allow you to automatically perform actions in game without having to play the game yourself. Possible scripts include automated farming of training items and Zeni / money, automated jobs and adventures (sending characters on adventures all the time automatically), farming events, automated PvP, automated daily free suimmons, automated fights with statistics based card choice, card prediction, farming equipment and potentially a lot more.

dragon ball legends farming bot download

Yes, it is possible to hack and or mod the game to activate cheats on both Android and iOS devices. Dragon Ball Legends Hacks can be downloaded for free in the form of .APK or .IPA modded game files that can be installed instead of the original game and connect to your account. Possible cheats include automated reward claiming, auto farming, leveling, auto jobs/adventure farming, auto fighting and more. However, using mods or cheats to get unlimited free Chrono crystals (CC) or Zeni / money is sadly impossible, since this is an online game and these values are processed server-side on the Bandai Namco game servers.


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