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Where Can You Buy Eos Lip Balm

We decided to look into eos lip balm because of James welsh s recent vid The EOS Lip Balm Lawsuit - When Beauty Turns Ugly. What created the rise popularity of EOS lip balms? Lets look at the product, marketing and distribution of these lip balms.

where can you buy eos lip balm

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First it has to do with the shape of the container. The orb of lip balm was really attractive to a lot of people. A round lip balm was completely new. I wanted one just because I thought it looked cool.

What the founders realized is that women would Carry lip balms in their handbags and that it could essentially be like a fashion accessory because lip balm is constantly reapplied. Especially in colder climates like here in Canada

Because of that frequent use people buy many lip balms to have in different bags. So consumers could justify an impulse purchase if they saw a new container color or flavour. There were a lot of new an interesting flavors that you could try like honeydew or grapefruit. It was exciting, and personal, now you could buy a unique flavour in your fav container. They were very prominently displayed in stores. At the checkout. In isle at the front at eye level. They sticked out leading to more purchases. The other thing they did well was creating scarcity. The flavours and colors rotated out so you had limited time window to purchase the special additions.

Unlike their competitors EOS decided to focus heavily on their social media presence and build a following compared to incumbents that hadn't really done so. they made videos on how to customize your EOS lip balm by bedazzling it. as well as how to take an EOS lip balm and you know make it Nutella flavored by mixing it in with Nutella They had a lot of celebrity endorsements. Eos was everywhere. Katy Perry Britney Spears Kim Kardashian endorsed it. people saw a lot of famous people using the product and wanted to try it.

Eos has had controversy where reports of people getting blisters and rashes around their mouth after using the product. The FDA did do an inspection of the eos facilities but they found nothing that could have resulted in such a severe reaction eos also uses a number of contract manufacturers and contract manufacturers Are oftentimes more incentivized to create lower cost products as opposed to higher our quality ones -products/eos-lip-balmr-products

Some believe that lip balm companies intentionally create products to dry lips to make you buy more lip balm. Alot of common lip balm ingredients can be drying or prone to allergic reaction. I'm not sure its a conpiracy, but its always worth while to understand ingredient listings and the products purpose. I really like jen luvs vid about this The REAL reason why your lip balm sucks... (part 1)

So what happened? Why did eos lip balm lawsuit happen? Why was there such a push back against eos? In part it had to do with using influencers which was very new at the time. There were not as many widely available techniques on managing influencer relationships.

number of cosmetic and personal grooming products are marketed in the same manner. One item that falls into the latter category is a mass-market lip balm (eos) that is widely available, affordable, and attractively packed, making it a popular choice among consumers interested in preservative-free products. But many ingredients with intimidating, chemically-sounding names serve a relatively important function for personal care products, such as inhibiting growth of mold and other undesirable (but organic) organisms. While preservative-free food is often opened and wholly consumed shortly after purchase, grooming products can be used (and contaminated by bacteria on skin) for months at a time.

In January 2015, one such complaint about mold in eos lip balm involving black mold circulated widely online and created the impression similar issues with the product were recent or common. In response to the rumor's circulation, many eos lip balm users checked their own products and discovered they too possessed what looked to be contaminated product.

Complaints of mold in eos lip balm did not first appear in January 2015. A number of intermittent reports involving black or green mold either on the lid of the balm or the balm itself can be found on the Internet dating back at least as far as 2013. Eos users have reported finding rings of mold spots in the cap of the balm, or occasionally a spot of mold growing in the product itself. One Amazon reviewer complained:

One factor in the deluge of eos lip balm mold complaints was what appeared to be an increased focus on the issue. Users who spotted warnings about mold in lip balm more carefully scrutinized their own products, and those affected subsequently reported their own issues with moldy balm.

The product in question is marketed as primarily natural and organic, likely lacking preservatives commonly used to inhibit mold growth in similar lip treatments. On Facebook, eos replied to one user complaint and explained how to prevent mold from growing on lip balm:

Thank you for your email. We're so sorry to see that! We do very occasionally hear of this. Mold will grow on many surfaces, especially warm and moist places and on products with natural ingredients. The best way to prevent this is to try to not get the lip balm itself wet when applying it (apply to dry lips) and/or let any moisture that's on the lip balm dry before you put the top back on.

Eos advised consumers to send an e-mail with a picture of the affected product to the company for a replacement. So while eos lip balm product can become moldy in some instances, the issue is neither new or widespread. The company explained keeping the balm dry could prevent mold growth, and if they receive a complaint about moldy product they will replace it.

It costs around $20 for 0.15 ounces, much pricier than our other picks for notably less product. We love that Fresh makes this balm in 14 other colors, though we tested only the Untinted and the Rosé.

Shaped like a tube of lipstick, the Fresh is also larger than most other lip balms we recommend. It fits easily in a clutch or a bag, but it might be tricky to slide into the pockets on a pair of tight jeans.

We looked at dozens of reviews and articles on lip balms, including roundups from The Strategist and Cosmopolitan and stories on the effectiveness of lip balm and the safety of menthol. We took stock of the most common, highly rated, and widely available brands by scrolling the websites of major drugstores and beauty retailers (and making a couple of in-person store visits).

The dermatologists we spoke to recommended a plain lip balm, especially if you already know your skin is sensitive, since added fragrances and tingly additives have the potential to irritate. That said, some people like those qualities in a lip balm, so we aimed to recommend a variety of options.

We ranked each balm by how moisturizing it felt on the lips, how long it lasted before needing to be reapplied, how it smelled, how easy it was to put on, and finally its finish (we generally looked for balms with some sheen, a nice middle ground between matte and sparkling). In our testing we preferred balms we could apply with one hand and without accidentally applying too much. Our panelists also helped us gain a better idea of how people use lip balms in their day-to-day life, which helped inform our choices.

All eos lip balms are certified USDA organic, and made with 95% certified organic ingredients. Besides being mostly organic, they are 100% natural and made without petrolatum and parabens. The main ingredients include jojoba oil for long-lasting moisture; shea butter for softening; and vitamin E for antioxidant protection and healing.

I love eos balm!! I have used both the stick and the sphere. No difference. The sphere is just more playful, more bulky, and will get you more stares. The bottom line is that this stuff just plain works! It is high quality lip balm.

The balm itself is nice. I love how easy it was to apply. I have noticed in some balms it dragged across my lips hurting the chapped parts. Not true with EOS! This one glided right on and left my lips silky smooth.

eos lip balms are one of those products that everyone seems to own (in the US anyway), so I was excited to finally try them out. In Australia, you can pick them up from online or from Costco (Kaz picked some up for me), and they cost about $3-7 each depending on the flavour and how you got them.

I love EOS lip balms because it really keeps my lips hydrated at all times. I also love the packaging and scent of it. I am thinking of trying out that Nivea Repair and Protection. So curious about it.

I actually quite like those balms as a base under lipstick. They do good enough job in the warmer months but I will definitely need something richer for winter. Honeysuckle is my favourite scent too ?

Leaving a long tail, Foundation Single Crochet 15 (or desired length), fasten off leaving a second long tail. Attach both ends of the strap to the back of your lip balm holder. Fasten off and weave in ends.

I love eos lip balm! I always have one in my purse or in the car, and they make perfect holiday gifts for family and friends too! I decided to spice up a gift of eos a little with these cute printable holiday cards. All you need to put together a cute DIY eos Christmas gift is a couple of containers of eos, scissors or an X-acto knife, and these free printables!

Evolution of Smooth (more commonly known as EOS) is a privately owned beauty and skincare company based in New York City. EOS was founded in 2006 by Jonathan Teller, Sanjiv Mehra, and Craig Dubitsky. The company makes a variety of body care products such as lip balm, lotion, and shaving cream.[1] Its products are known for using natural and organic ingredients, as well as for their colorful, minimalist packaging.

Jonathan Teller created the EOS lip balm in 2006. In 2015, EOS was the second highest-selling lip care in the world, with 11.5% of the market share in the United States.[2] The lip balms are sold at retail stores in 18 countries[3] and online through the company's website. 041b061a72


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