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Download Immortals Full Movie Torrent

immortals 2011 is a 2011 action, adventure, drama, fantasy film directed by tarsem singh, produced by jerry bruckheimer, and written by charley parlapanides. the film stars henry cavill, mickey rourke, john hurt, and many other actors. this is a story of a half-human, half-god warlock, who was sent to earth by the immortals to prevent the apocalypse.

download Immortals full movie torrent

the movie immortals is a popular chinese-hong kong action thriller film directed by wong kar-wai. it was released in china on 22 january 2004.a group of criminals rob a jewelry store while taking advantage of the fact that the store owner is about to be deported and that the store is on the first floor of a building which will be demolished at the beginning of the next day. in the wake of the robbery, the building owner is murdered, and the criminals disappear into the night.the police inspector investigating the murder finds out that it was a group of criminals led by a man named "hawk". the inspector and his colleagues decide to re-open the investigation, and an officer from the economic crimes unit, wong wai-chiu, is assigned to lead the investigation. over time, the investigation turns into a chase after the criminals, and this brings together the members of the group, who have different motivations for their crimes. the criminals finally attempt to kill wong as the movie closes.wong kar-wai, chen kuan-tsai, and the cast of the film received the 2004 golden horse award for best actor, best actress, and best newcomer. the film was released in hong kong cinemas on december 29, 2004. the dvd was released on april 28, 2005 in hong kong.


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