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How to Download Game VALORANT Mobile and Master the Skills of Your Favorite Agent

VALORANT Mobile APK is a shortened version of the game of the same genre on the PC platform. However, shortening here means changing in some aspects to better suit mobile devices, the rest of the gameplay will remain the same compared to usual. Let us learn more about this game now.

download game valorant mobile


If the games of the traditional MOBA genre have bored you, try the VALORANT Mobile experience. This is a game that is said to be the perfect combination of CS: GO and Overwatch on mobile platforms. This is a relatively bold move from the publisher Riot Games and the PC version of this game has been really successful when it comes to being loved by players around the world.

VALORANT Mobile appeared in the present time with the aim of helping players enjoy the game on more devices. Basically, everything in the mobile version is kept the same compared to the PC version to make it easy for players to get used to in a short period of time. Currently, this game has not yet set an official release date on the mobile market. So you need to wait a little longer to be able to enjoy it.

VALORANT Mobile is a spectacular and fast-paced multiplayer shooter developed by Riot Games. The game was originally created for the PC and won the sympathy of a huge number of participants. Now there is a mobile version that is in no way inferior to the original. Gamers are waiting for amazing team battles, unique maps and characteristic characters. He will be able to challenge real opponents and fight them in exciting matches.

Usually when it comes to eSports, we only know about super games that require expensive hardware, like on PCs or consoles, the players are world-class professional gamers. But in the last few years, a new trend has emerged that is expected to continue to expand in the future: eSports on mobile.

In order to expand the player market and also contribute to stronger the trend of eSport games on mobile, Riot has developed a mobile version for this game called Valorant Mobile, which is released on both Android and iOS.

The next scoring factor of Valorant Mobile after a short time on the mobile platform, it inherits a strong step forward from the original Valorant on previous major platforms. Maps, characters and a few new features are constantly being updated from the developer. Valorant Mobile players so always find something new to discover and challenge themselves. With a potential eSport game, this is a paramount requirement to attract long-term participation of the gaming community.

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Investment games are heavily reliant on 128 tick servers on the majority of mid-spec computers, 30 frames or more (over the last ten years), modern playback devices, and 60-144 + frames per second in the datacenter. Your ISP routing, your internet connection latency, and what you're downloading in the background are all affected by the combination.

Built from the ground-up for mobile, League of Legends: Wild Rift brings the classic 5v5 MOBA gameplay of League of Legends to mobile devices, with fresh controls and a streamlined feel designed for touchscreens. Game Pass members will unlock all 80+ champions plus grant day-one access to every new champion.

Valorant revolves around 5v5 gameplay, so it uses more internet data than other online games with fewer players. If you play Valorant on a limited connection, like fixed wireless internet or a mobile hotspot, you may need to monitor how much data you use.

"In fact, some of these services provide real rewards to users. For example, they can receive an in-game currency or other game bonuses upon completing the task. However, in the case of the Android.FakeApp.176 trojan, users receive no reward at all. The mobile version of the Valorant game does not currently exist, and the only purpose of this fake app is to load the affiliate website to help malware developers receive rewards by taking advantage of their victims," explain Dr. Web in their report.

Riot chose to develop Valorant using Unreal Engine 4, which the development team said would allow it to focus on gameplay and optimizations rather than spending time on core systems.[39][40] To meet the goal of a lower performance barrier so more people could play Valorant, the team set notably low minimum and recommended hardware requirements for the game. To reach 30 frames per second on these small requirements, the game's engineering team, led by Marcus Reid, who previously worked on Gears of War 4, had to make several modifications to the engine. These modifications included editing the renderer using the engine's mobile rendering path as base, or reworking the game's lighting systems to fit the static lighting that tactical shooters often require, as to not interfere with gameplay.[39] Unreal's modern underpinnings also helped to solve many of the issues that Riot set out to solve from other games in the genre, and additional modifications helped to meet the game's other goal of creating a suitable competitive environment, including optimizing server performance by disabling character animations in non-combat situations and removing unnecessary evaluations in the hit registration process.[41][37][39] During development, Riot Games made promises to work towards a ping of less than 35 milliseconds for at least 70% of the game's players.[42] To accomplish this, Riot promised 128-tick servers in or near most major cities in the world, as well as working with internet service providers to set up dedicated connections to those servers.[42] Due to the increase in internet traffic during the COVID-19 pandemic, Riot has had trouble optimizing connections and ping to their promised levels.[43]

On June 2, 2021, Riot Games announced its plans to develop a mobile version of Valorant, which would reportedly be the first step it intends to take to expand the game's universe. The announcement was made in commemoration of the game's first year, by which point it had reached over 14 million monthly active players since its launch.[74]

What is VALORANT Mobile?Like we mentioned in the intro, VALORANT Mobile is the mobile version of a first-person tactical shooter for PC. The PC version of the game was released one year ago, seeing massive success. In the meantime, the mobile version of the game has been in development and during the one-year anniversary, the mobile version has been announced.

VALORANT Mobile will be a game that's going to bring the genuine PC experience to handheld devices. It will not be a port of its PC version, but a new build that is completely adjusted and cleverly created for mobile. It should deliver on the expectations for all mobile players, and not compromise on quality for a timely game release.How to download VALORANT Mobile?At the moment there is no way to download the game. You might find some third-party websites claiming to have early builds of the game or APKs, but we strongly suggest you stay away from them (if you care about your personal data).

I repeat - there is no way to download VALORANT Mobile at the moment, not even an APK. Chances are, there will not be any build of the game for at least another year. We'll keep you up-to-speed though, and if there is any other information that we learn, you'll be the first to know!Is there one without verification?This point goes hand in hand with what I just mentioned above. There are some VALORANT Mobile APKs, but they will ask for verification. To verify that, you'll actually need to pay (real-life money). DON'T DO IT!

What we will see, instead, will be something along the lines of Wild Rift. A standalone game that is well-made and specifically adapted to mobile, without losing any of its key elements (those elements that define what the game actually is). So, chances are we will get to see a VALORANT that will feature (probably) mechanics that won't be extremely difficult to execute, and if they will (like Sova's kit), they will probably have some quick-cast option. We'll have to wait and see! Is it going to be on iOS devices?Yes, VALORANT Mobile will be available for iPhones and iPads, so rest assured - the game will become available for both Android and iOS users whenever it will launch globally. That has been the case with Teamfight Tactics, Legends of Runeterra, Wild Rift, and since VALORANT Mobile is another Riot Games creation, there's like a 95% chance it will be on iOS too.VALORANT Mobile release dateAt the moment, there is no set release date for VALORANT Mobile. The game is still under development, and there is a high chance there will be at least another full year until we will get it. Our best guess would be that game will release in about 2 years' time.

The rumors that VALORANT mobile is expected to be released in 2024 are all over the internet, and leaks even suggested that the game was already being tested at the Google Play Store. Released in 2020, the game is available exclusively for PC, but after Riot published job openings related to console and mobile development, the fans of the five-vs-five tactical shooter title are anxiously waiting to be able to play their favorite game on multiple devices. But while the official release date is not announced, players can enjoy plenty of mobile games similar to VALORANT.

This mobile FPS is modern and futuristic, combining cooperative shooting gameplay with fast-paced matches. It also comes with character classes and abilities, fitting neatly into the hero shooter genre with VALORANT. The sci-fi mobile shooter is a free-to-play game available at the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

With Buff, you can earn rewards while playing Valorant! Simply use the client or Riot Games Launcher to download our small install, and let it run in the background while you game. Stay in the loop with all the latest Valorant news and updates by joining our Discord community.

Doctor Web specialists have uncovered a fraudulent campaign targeting mobile device owners. Cybercriminals are publishing misleading videos on YouTube, promoting a mobile version of a new Valorant game and prompting unsuspecting users to install it on their mobile devices. But in reality, a trojan is being installed instead of the real game. This trojan helps malware creators get rewards from various online affiliate programs.


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