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Download Film Mae Nak Subtitle Indonesia

Download Film Mae Nak Subtitle Indonesia

Mae Nak is a famous Thai legend about a ghost bride who haunts her husband and his village. There have been many film adaptations of this story, but one of the most recent and popular ones is Mae Nak 3D (2012), which was released in Thailand and other countries in Asia.

download film mae nak subtitle indonesia


Mae Nak 3D is a horror film that tells the story of Mak, a soldier who returns home from war to his wife Nak and their newborn son. However, he does not know that Nak and their son died during childbirth and have become ghosts. Nak's love for Mak is so strong that she refuses to leave him and tries to protect him from anyone who tries to separate them.

The film features stunning 3D effects and a terrifying atmosphere that will keep you on the edge of your seat. It also stars Bongkot Kongmalai as Nak, Rangsiroj Panpeng as Mak, and Porntip Papanai as the ghost of Mae Nak.

If you are interested in watching this film, you can download it with Indonesian subtitles from various online sources. One of them is iLK21, which offers free streaming and downloading of Asian movies and TV shows. You can also find other versions of Mae Nak movies on this site, such as Ghost of Mae Nak (2005) and Pee Mak (2013).

To download Mae Nak 3D with Indonesian subtitles from iLK21, you need to follow these steps:

  • Go to on your browser.

  • Scroll down and click on the play button on the video player.

  • Wait for the video to load and click on the settings icon on the bottom right corner.

  • Select "Subtitles" and choose "Indonesian" from the list.

  • Enjoy watching Mae Nak 3D with Indonesian subtitles.

  • If you want to download the film, click on the download icon on the bottom right corner and choose your preferred quality and format.

Alternatively, you can also watch Mae Nak 3D with Indonesian subtitles on YouTube. Here is the link to the full movie:

Mae Nak 3D is a thrilling and scary film that will make you appreciate the power of love and loyalty. If you are a fan of Thai horror movies, you should not miss this one.

Mae Nak 3D is based on the legend of Mae Nak Phra Khanong, which dates back to the 19th century. According to the legend, Mae Nak was a young woman who lived with her husband Mak in a village near the Phra Khanong canal in Bangkok. When Mak was conscripted to fight in a war, Mae Nak was pregnant with their first child. She died during childbirth along with their son, but her spirit remained attached to their house and waited for Mak's return.

When Mak came back from the war, he was unaware of his wife's death and lived with her as if she was alive. However, the villagers soon realized that Mae Nak was a ghost and tried to warn Mak or get rid of her. Mae Nak became angry and vengeful, killing anyone who interfered with her and Mak's happiness. Eventually, Mak learned the truth and fled from Mae Nak, who chased him to the nearby Wat Mahabut temple. There, he sought refuge from a powerful monk who managed to subdue Mae Nak's spirit and trap it in a ceramic pot.

The legend of Mae Nak has been retold and adapted many times in Thai culture, especially in films. The first film version of Mae Nak was made in 1959 by Rattana Pestonji, and since then there have been more than 20 films based on the legend. Some of the most notable ones are Nang Nak (1999), which won several awards and was praised for its cinematography and music; Ghost of Mae Nak (2005), which was directed by a British filmmaker and added some modern elements to the story; and Pee Mak (2013), which was a comedy-horror film that became the highest-grossing Thai film of all time. c481cea774


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